The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 “The Key” Review

What Did You Think Of This Episode?

I loved it, I thought it was one of the better episodes this season if not the best.


Let’s begin shall we Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead was a great and wonderful episode, compared to some of the episode’s this season. In episode 12 “The Key” we get a lot of action, betrayal from Negan’s second-hand man Simon, and we got to meet a few new maybe friendly faces.

Negan s8ep12.jpg

The first thing I want to talk about is the awesome action packed chase/fight scene with Negan and Rick. Even though he went against the defensive plan he made Rick was right in my opinion to take off chasing Negan, I would have too. Don’t get me wrong it did have its faults of being weirdly shot but hey that is the walking dead. Rick’s perfect timing makes him able to t-bone Negan’s car, cutting him off from the rest of the saviors. The arrangement of this episode to me is a little strange and also just a random question Why did Negan drive away from the rest of the saviors instead of towards them? At some point during the chase that they skipped over Negan’s car had been wrecked and flipped over and he’s banged up pretty good. Rick, of course, is in better shape and armed with more than just a bat, he carefully approaches Negan’s car, shooting at him once he has a clear view of the enemy if those bullets would have hit him they would have filled the Negan with so much lead his people wouldn’t have even recognized his body. But this is The Walking Dead and that just “can’t” happen yet, even thou I have a love/hate relationship with Negan eventually I want to see Mrs. Maggie Rhee bash his skull in painfully slow for what he had done to the love of her life Glenn. Anyways back on topic, Rick opens fire emptying a clip into Negan’s car without even checking to see if Negan is actually behind it. Negan escapes (shocking huh) into the building while Rick reloads. Rick then proceeds to chase him, Rick made a bad and strange decision and tosses his newly fully loaded weapon onto the ground for no reason at all and runs in firing his python which he then shoots randomly at stuff missing Negan every single time (no surprise) until he runs out of bullets and just stands there like a dumbass probably questioning why he dropped his other gun outside. Now Negan has Lucille and Rick has his hatchet, so of course, what does Rick want to do with it? He wants to throw the damn hatchet at Negan, the last weapon he has other than a knife, because if he can’t hit him with a gun surely I bet he can slice right into him with an ax. Negan then falls trying to get out of the way, dropping his precious Lucille over the edge and into the gaping hole below. Negan is then hanging off of the edge and Rick slowly walks up the stairs to retrieve his weapon but naturally, Negan’s leather jacket is insanely much too thick for Rick to even get a hit in and he falls a couple stories down the hole and lands without a scratch on him (like a cat, seriously thou how many lives does he get?) Rick finds Lucille and sets her on fire breaking Negan’s heart. Then with all of his anger and rage, he then thinks it is a smart idea and he bashes down a door with walkers on the other side, using them to (attempt) kill Negan. Negan coming out of nowhere tackles Rick and knocks them both into the walker-infested chamber. Rick swings flaming Lucille at Negan a couple times, proving that in this episode not only can he no longer hit someone with a gun or a hatchet, but he can’t swing a bat to save his life there’s a fight and Negan gets Lucille back (charred of course). They both kill some walkers then Negan climbs out of a window and vanishes even thou Rick is right behind him but he gets away once again. So then we learn that Jadis has somehow snatched Negan (we don’t see this) it’s kind of interesting to me. I mean, Jadis will almost certainly want Negan dead or to lay with him or both, but he will probably make some kind of deal with her (like always). That will almost certainly involve killing Simon because Rick let slip that all the Trash Heapsters were dead, something Negan had yet to learn. Simon’s days are more than likely coming to a close one way or another and yet I am okay with that as I am pretty sure that he is more of a psychopath than Negan himself.

simon&Dwight s8e12.jpg

A lot this episode focused on Simon talking to Dwight and Dwight being like Daryl and muttering some random stuff we barely understand. Simon isn’t a happy camper that Negan is taking half ass measures with Rick’s group. He argues that they won’t give up fighting (which is true), and it’s best to cut their losses with Rick and crew permanently rather than try to frighten them once again into submission. Simon’s pled his case to Negan, but Negan still believes the Kingdom, Hilltop and what is remaining of Alexandria can all still be ‘saved’ by him.  People are a resource, Simon.  Simon makes his case to Dwight who doesn’t really commit to anything but when they find Negan’s blood-smeared car they decide to give up looking for him. Both men would be perfectly happy with Negan out of the picture and not the leader. Dwight because it’s what he wants anyway, and Simon for plenty of (Evil) reasons, none the least of which is his recent secret slaughter of the Trash Heapsters. More importantly, Simon would more than likely (once again) take over the Saviors. Dwight flicks his lit cigarette at Negan’s car lighting it up and they give up the search. When they return to the other Saviors. Simon makes a huge announcement that they’re going to put an end to Hilltop once and for all, “for Negan.” He seems a little too confident in himself that Negan is dead but without a body, how can he be certain of anything at this point. I am wondering what Dwight is going to do now that his plan has become so much more dangerous and will he be able to make it back to Hilltop and warn them before the Saviors arrive with their walker blood ammunition and weapons?


Back at Hilltop Maggie, Enid, Michonne, and Rosita find a strange message just outside of the gates. In exchange for either a crate of records or food, they’ll receive the key to their futures.What does that even mean? There’s a location to meet and while Maggie was hesitant and doesn’t want to go Michonne convinces her and the four women go to the location spot. When they arrive at the location there are two women in sunglasses standing by a van. A third, older woman steps out from the van. She is very well dressed and surprisingly clean and put together as a survivor of the impending apocalypse. She’s also very nice and tells them that in exchange for the records or food, she’ll give them knowledge. Maggie, however, wasn’t having that at all she had Rosita sneak up from behind and then tells Enid to search them and take their guns. Even once they’re disarmed she still points her gun with distrust at the non-threatening women, scowling and mean-mugging them and ultimately kidnapping them and taking them back to Hilltop.(shit happens and I dont blame her) Once back at hilltop, Maggie and Enid decide that they should steal all their shit and send them packing or maybe keep them as prisoners with the saviors. Enid is especially now more than ever sure that stealing from these very nice people is a great idea because shit never works out anyway and who gives a damn about strangers anyway? Maggie is disagreeing, but Michonne points out that Carl wouldn’t approve of them doing things that way. She probably could have mentioned how Glenn wouldn’t approve either. Her point gets through to Maggie. You can’t just steal from people or kill strangers and still consider yourselves the good guys, and I’m glad Michonne remembers that because the rest of them was on the brink. Enid tells Maggie that she killed the Oceanside leader and that’s why she’s still alive but Carl saved Siddiq and now he’s dead. On the other hand, I like these new characters the ‘moisture’ line was the funniest thing this show has done in years. The book of knowledge that they give to Maggie once she decided not to rob them is a true treasure. It’s filled with science and explanations of how to build stuff, from windmills to aqueducts which is how things have started again since modern day technology is not around anymore to tell you how to make these things.

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I also loved the brief scene between Daryl and Rick. Daryl’s apology was probably more words than Daryl’s uttered since season 7 episode 10 with Carol. It’s nice to know he can still talk beyond grunts and the occasional rage-filled yelling.

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