The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 11 Review “Dead Or Alive Or?”

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Hope You’re Excited Because I Have A Lot To Say About This Episode.

Norman Reedus As Daryl Dixon Photo Credit AMC

Where do I even begin with this episode I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it because I did like always due to my love for this show but (excuse my language) FUCK! it pissed me off.

Okay, let’s get started with I think the thing that annoyed me the most out of this whole episode when Daryl revealed that Carl had died. I’m sorry but the writers totally messed this up unless they plan to show more in next weeks episode to which I then will recant my statement but until then let’s continue. Why did Enid get the whole dramatic breakdown? Why did we not get to see how Carol & Maggie broke down and took the news I mean Carol has been with Carl since day 1 you can basically say she also raised him alongside Lori and Rick. Maggie has been with him also for a long time and helped him through some tough times. These two women have kept him safe but the only thing they wanna focus on is Enid who has known him maybe a year? I mean yes I get it they were a “couple” and they cared for each other but I fill like the other amazing actresses deserve to have that moment, not Enid. Also don’t get me wrong I fully understand that she was going to be upset and heartbroken but I don’t feel like it should have had that much of the focus on just her.

Let’s also talk about Eugene!
This guy has been working one of the last nerves I have for quite some time but tonight that last nerve finally had all it could take. While I really like Josh Mcdermit I currently hate Eugene with a passion, the whole I’m in charge is beyond went to his head and quite quickly. The way he treated Negan’s wife in the bullet factory that was how Simon likes to say it bullshit.
To me, it seemed as if the interaction between these two was genuine it wasn’t her treating him nice just because Negan said to like the other girls did she was actually interested in Eugene. When he was being an absolute “Porchdick” as Abraham would say he just blew his one shot at actually finding a woman who didn’t mind just how much of a “smartypants” he was or just how cowardly he really is. I used to be on the fence as to whether he was Negan or if he was still team family deep down but maybe he was scared to join them again in fear of him or somebody else dying. Now I’m sure that he is no longer with team family he is just going to stick with Negan as he does seem to fit in there and Abraham would be beyond disappointed in how he has turned his back and now supporting and making bullets for the enemy. It also seems that to deal with the underlining guilt he has had to drink just to sleep peacefully, I mean how do you just join the enemy who killed your closest “traveling companion” and not have a care.

Josh McDermit as Eugene Porter Photo Credit AMC

Tara is also really bugging me like when did she become so damn bitchy and annoying? She hasn’t always been that way or at least not that bad, she has too much hate and resentment in her heart against Dwight. Yes, I know he killed Denise and that is terribly sad but you also can’t be that stupid.
“Anger Makes You Stupid And Stupid Gets You Killed.”-Michonne
She almost did get them busted by the saviors when she was chasing Dwight threw the woods trying to shoot him, and no I don’t trust him fully yet but I feel like if he was going to try and harm them in any way or turn them over to Negan he would have done it already. He, in my opinion, did more harm to Daryl than her but Daryl is dealing with him realizing that he is helping them beat the saviors and then you can get revenge but until then you just keep your shit together Tara. I totally loved the scenes between Daryl and Tara this episode I love how he put her in her place when she was getting out of line. I honestly thought that the toddler in that group was Judith but I guess I was wrong Tara was definitely being the child in tonight’s episode.



I was so excited and thrilled to finally see Maggie this episode too since we hadn’t seen her at all since the mid-season finale. She is really falling into that leadership role at The Hilltop and it seems as if that’s what she wasn’t meant to do in that world. She has had so many great people in her life that has shaped her into the thoughtful, caring, strong, and independent woman she is and the fearless leader she has become. She has very strong leadership skills that I don’t think Rick himself even possesses she still has that considerate side left to her and she still holds her humanity. With all of those assets she can still do what needs to be done like sending that coffin to Negan and his men and in tonight’s episode, she showed all of those wonderful skills that she has learned along the way. From her father Hershel, her husband Glenn, Alexandria’s leader Deanna, and the man himself Rick, Even though she wasn’t in this episode as much as others she had a huge impact in the mere minutes that she was.

Lauren Cohan As Maggie Photo Credit AMC

Father Gabriel and Dr.Carson no matter what happens and how bad this life gets Gabriel never seems to lose his faith in God. He was in such desperate need of help and just when you thought that things were going to go south his faith rose above despair and they continued on their journey escaping the saviors for just a little bit longer. Dr. Carson was in denial of Gabriel’s faith until the moment he got caught in a bear trap and was about to be torn apart by walkers and Gabriel shut his eyes and trusted in God and shot the walkers that were attacking Dr.Carson. Sadly after all of that, the saviors ambushed them before they could escape and Dr. Carson went for one of their guns and they shot him and just tossed him out of the truck and continued back to the sanctuary. Once Gabriel was returned to Negan he assigned him to work in Eugene’s Bullet factory were shockingly Gabriel lied and kept Eugene safe and blamed the whole escape on Dr.Carson but Eugene didn’t care and treated him like he was a slave worker on the line.



Also, Dwighty boy went with the saviors back to the sanctuary to protect Daryl’s crew from being busted when the saviors strolled upon them in the swamp trying to make it safely to Hilltop he saved all of them. When he arrived we learned that Negan is going to have Eugene make bullets with walker blood in them to infect Rick and Company at Hilltop. Thanks, Eugene for nothing!

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